Confidentiality Policy

By using this website, you agree to tracking of your activity on the website using cookies and JavaScript code, including actions completed, time on page etc. Above-mentioned data can be used for remarketing purposes. By sending your Data via our web form and email, you agree to this information being stored on servers, rented by the Company, for an undetermined amount of time. After obtaining your consent, The Company will use your Data to provide the Services which may also lead to passing your data to relevant government entities. Your data will not be passed on to third parties except when it’s impossible to provide Services without doing so. You have a right to request the Company to delete your Data from Company’s rented servers by using online contact form.


Company – SIA Euro Brokers and SIA Pakora Pluss

Services – customs clearance, marketing services, customs consulting, marketing consulting, cargo forwarding.

Website – or

Data – name, surname, permanent address, date of birth, passport number, ID card number, drivers licence number, copies of passport, ID card and drivers licence, vehicle registration document copy, company number, factual and registered company addresses, cargo sender, receiver, consignor and consignee information as well as information about operating system, device model, browser, screen width, IP address, geo location.

Customs Broker Consultation

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