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Customs Clearance Services in Latvia

From no-EU countries

China, USA, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, UAE, Kazakhstan, and others

For Businesses & Individuals

Whether you represent any kind of business or are an individual we can clear your goods for you.

Residence Permit Holders

Clear your personal posessions when moving to Latvia including cars, furniture etc.

From Small Packs to Large Ships

Small package, pallet, container or a ship - all sizes of cargo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to customs clear a cargo online?

Modern technology and customs legislation allow for most of the cargo to be customs cleared online. You will not have to be present neither at ...

How long does the customs clearance procedure take?

The time required depends on many factors, however, most of the cargo get cleared within 24...

Do we offer customs clearance on the border?

Customs clearance of import is the most complex and the longest customs procedure to clear, ...

How to customs clear your personal possessions if you have a residence permit?

You will need to have a ...

Clear Your Goods with no Previous Experience

Customs Broker Consultation

Get in touch via email, online form or a callback feature.