Customs Duty Calculator

Calculate VAT and customs duty. Find out the total sum of customs duties you will be required to pay for your goods in Latvia.

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How are customs duties calculated? 

  1. Cost of your product does not exceed 150 euros – only VAT (21%) is applied.
  2. Cost of your product exceeds 150 euros - both import duty and VAT are applied.

The calculation uses a reference import duty rate of 1.7%. In reality, duties are calculated based on a duty rate for a specific product. For many products (e.g., tobacco products, alcohol, perfume, etc.), a different duty calculation procedure may be used. To get an accurate calculation of customs duties for your cargo, please contact us.

More information about customs duties can be found here.

Customs Duty Calculator

  • EUR
  • Taxable amount
  • Import duty 1.7%
  • VAT
  • Customs duties
  • Total

Limitation of liability

Duties are calculated for informational purposes only. Please contact us to get an accurate duty calculation for your specific cargo.

Exchange rate

The currency exchange rate used here is provided by the European Central Bank.

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